Second Chance

Chance the Rapper announces a new album set to be released before the end of the year. 

New Folk

This American Life producer Ben Calhoun, who reported on the acclaimed Harper High School episode, is the new director of programming and content at WBEZ.

Leaning In

Chicago talks to Dear White People producer Lena Waithe.

Hot Rod

Chief Keef gets dropped from Interscope.

Brainy Bastion

The Chicago Humanities Festival starts tomorrow. Check out Chicago's picks for week one.

Review Revue

A lot of people like Dear White People

Chicago Tribune: "This is the best film about college life in a long time, satiric or straight, comedy or drama."

RedEye : "The funny, challenging Dear White People goes right for the thoughtfully uncomfortable and stays there."

New York Times: "It is is as smart and fearless a debut as I have seen from an American filmmaker in quite some time: knowing but not snarky, self-aware but not solipsistic, open to influence and confident in its own originality."