Master of Arts?

After a university administrator caught wind that Kanye wished he had gone to School of the Art Institute, the college announced Wednesday that it would present him with an honorary doctorate. The Tribune hears from geeked staffers and miffed alumni alike.

Master of Arts.

…and as for those miffed alumni: Whet has some words on why Kanye absolutely, totally deserves the degree.

Empire Empire

For the past three months, Fox's Chicago-filmed music soap Empire has captivated fans and shattered ratings records. With Season One wrapped, Vulture dissects the show's mega-hit formula.


In light of hinky ticketing practices for the Grateful Dead farewell shows, diehard fans are accusing Soldier Field/Ticketmaster of playing fast-and-loose with hippie credo. Slate profiles two Deadhead radio hosts bridging the gap between '60s subculture and modern concert promotion.

Review Revue: Two Trains Running

August Wilson's take on gridiron '60s race relations is getting a near-perfect revival at the Goodman:

Chicago Reader: "Yes, the work documents a specific time and place in African-American history, but the beauty of the play—and of [director Chuck] Smith's production—is that it, to paraphrase Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, also speaks to and for all of us. We're all stuck."

Chicago Tribune: "While sentimentality is always the enemy of a Wilson work, so is too hard a heart. Smith's production pulses with the requisite warmth."

Chicago Sun-Times: "Smith’s impeccable direction of his dreamy ensemble cast turns the world of the diner into a microcosm of the larger world."