1Pepperoni Deep-Dish Pizza From George’s Deep Dish

There’s never going to be a time when this city has too much deep dish, especially with newcomers like George Bumbaris raising the game. His carryout- and delivery-only pies feature a cornmeal-dusted sourdough focaccia crust that’s crisp and caramelized. Go simple with pepperoni cups over mozz and a vibrant sauce to fully appreciate the balance of flavors. $29 for 14 inch. 6221 N. Clark St., Edgewater

2Kimchi-Ranch Funeral Potatoes From Funeral Potatoes

To make their take on the classic casserole that gives their delivery-only outfit its name, Alexis Thomas and Eve Studnicka mix hash browns with pepper Jack, kimchi, scallions, and black pepper and ranch bechamel, then top it with crumbled spicy dill Ritz crackers. Creamy and crunchy, with a kick of heat, this is the ultimate pandemic comfort food. $17. instagram.com/funeral.potatoes

3Four-Cheese Pizza With Fresh Basil From Naudi Signature Pizza

We love the textures of this 18-inch, cracker-thin pizza, which goes from crunchy to pliant. But more than anything we love the flavor. The cheeses are sharp, the tomato sauce doesn’t belie any sugar, and the promiscuous overload of fresh basil puts it all over the top. The pizza is best after spending two minutes, no more, on a hot pan in your oven. $22. 926 W. Diversey Pkwy., Lake View

4Fish Basant From Basant

This modern Indian newcomer serves one of the most elegant dishes we’ve gotten delivered over the past two years: a crisp-skinned salmon fillet that arrives perched atop a gently spicy sauce made with tomatoes, habaneros, and coconut milk. That sauce is so tangy and delicious, you’ll want to order some roti to scoop up every drop. $24. 1939 W. Byron St., North Center

5Rêve Cheeseburger and Fries From Rêve Burger

When Ever had to close indoor dining during a COVID surge in 2020, chef Curtis Duffy pivoted to carryout and delivery burgers, which he’s still offering. With two griddled patties topped with melted American cheese, sharp pickles, and tangy sauce, there’s nothing fancy here — just an impeccable burger. $16.95. 1363 W. Fulton St., West Loop

6Farro Paccheri With Mushroom Ragu From Gemma Foods

Shortly after the pandemic hit, Tony Quartaro (Formento’s) started making fresh pastas for his neighbors. Luckily for us, he’s now offering his paired pastas and sauces from his takeout shop. Offerings rotate, but the farro pasta, served with a creamy mushroom sauce deepened with shallots, tarragon, and red wine vinegar, is a must order. $29. 1117 W. Grand Ave., West Town

7Ayam Rica-Rica From Minahasa

At Revival Food Hall, the mother-and-son team of Betty and John Avila do a fine job with Indonesian classics like beef rendang, with its cooked-all-day depth of spice. But look for Betty’s regional dishes from northern Sulawesi, such as ayam rica-rica, chicken in a tomato-ginger spice paste punched up with powdered shrimp. $16. 125 S. Clark St., Loop

8Dan Dan Noodles From Chef’s Special Cocktail Bar

When this cocktail lounge and retro Chinese American restaurant had to pivot to takeout during the early days of the pandemic, diners discovered just how well its food travels. Fans love the Chicago-style egg rolls, but superfans adore the dan dan noodles, unlike any other in town. Think spaghetti Bolognese with head-exploding spice. $13.50. 2165 N. Western Ave., Bucktown

9Cajun Shrimp and Grits From Soul & Smoke

D’Andre Carter mostly gets attention for the “smoke” in his restaurant’s name, but it’s the “soul” side, specifically the grits, you need to add to your Toast tab. Tender with just the right amount of bite, the grits are topped with fat shrimp and a sausage gravy that has a hint of sweetness. $20. Multiple locations, soulandsmoke.com

10Gaeng Tai Pla From Talard Thai Asian Market

The cafeteria in the back of this Edgewater market stocks a daily selection of curries and stews. If you’re game, go for gaeng tai pla, a curry made from fermented fish guts and dried fish. It is beyond pungent — potentially a nonstarter for some palates, while others will find it drives them into an umami frenzy. $7 for three items. 5353 N. Broadway, Edgewater