'The Celebrity Apprentice,' Episode Four: Blagojevich Fired!
Last night's episode started, as it always does, with Donald Trump asking each team to choose its project leader, but, in a twist, he did not describe the task first. Michael Johnson snapped to the opportunity, immediately nominating Rod Blagojevich for the men... Read more
Donald Trump started last night's episode by asking Rod Blagojevich (the ex-governor of the fifth-largest state in the nation, let's not forget), if the right person had been fired last week. It shouldn't have been a difficult question to answer... Read more
Falling back on his experience with photo opportunities—a politician's bread and butter—Rod Blagojevich managed to squeak out of a three-man boardroom showdown without getting fired... Read more
Since being ousted as governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich has been mostly unemployed. What the future holds for him is unclear—and it certainly won’t be determined until after his upcoming trial for corruption—but if last night’s premiere episode of NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice is any indication, Blago should cross “waiter” off his list of potential future jobs. . . . Read more
Welcome to BLAG!, our once-a-week recap of The Celebrity Apprentice 2010, this season featuring Rod Blagojevich, Illinois’s ousted governor, currently awaiting trial on corruption charges. Airing at 8 p.m. (central time) Sundays on NBC-TV, this reality show pits formerly semi-famous (or in Blago’s case, infamous) celebs against each other to win the approval of mega-mogul Donald Trump and his daughter... Read more