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Dr. Ryan Springer and Dr. Stevan Orser

Arlington Adult Dentistry

For over three decades, our goal has been to provide our patients with a dental experience different from anything they have encountered. Our dedicated team goes a step above to offer patients a comprehensive and personalized approach to their health care in a state-of-the-art facility. Our dentists train tirelessly with the best in the world with the goal of being sought after as the go-to dentists in cosmetic and comprehensive dentistry. So while our patients love them for their sincerity and gentleness, they also respect our dentists for the time, attention, and personalized service they give to the lives touched with their artistry and skill. Each and every patient has a different reason for seeking treatment in our office. For some, it is because we are one of the very few dentist offices in the Chicago area that's accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. For others, it is for function, as we are experts in bite function, TMJ dysfunction, and dental implants. Many patients are referred to our multidisciplinary, multispecialty group for complex reconstructive dental treatment after head and neck cancer or a traumatic accident.

Whether it is for routine dental maintenance or a full mouth reconstruction, all of these patients have one thing in common: They want their dental treatment and overall experience to far exceed what is usual and customary. While patients have sought out our office due to our credentials and expertise, they stay in our practice because they are treated like family.

To find out how you can experience a different type of dentistry please call our office at 847-870-8820 for your complimentary exam or visit us at www.arlingtonadultdentistry.com.


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