Welcome to Chiberia. It's negative 20-something degrees Fahrenheit out, museums are closed, as are hundreds of restaurants and bars, and countless people are working from home.

Aside from sharing screenshots of the weather app to remind everyone who already knows how cold it is just how cold it is, many of you are stepping out into the frigid streets to conduct science experiments. You know the one: the trend of throwing boiling water into the air to watch it turn into vapor or even ice crystals. As videos below prove, this can look really cool.

If you really must, do the boiling water thing. Make some icy bubbles. Post on Instagram and "#science" it. Then get back inside and stay warm. And remember — if you really must order takeout, make sure to tip generously.


#chiberia #science

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-21° #chiberia #polarvortex

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Blowing bubbles in -46 degree weather. #makingthermodynamicsfun #science #chiberia

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Doing -20 ° things in IL today #BANGSblitz #BANGSambassador #chiberia #getoutside #snowday

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And then there's this:



Happy Polar Vortex Day from Highland, IN. @fox32news #chiberia2019 #chiberta

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