Flick the Bean

Bake the Bean

Critique the Bean's Resume

Scream "Santa is REAL" in front of the bean

Sing KRUSTY KRAB PIZZA In Front of Bean.

Cast Your Patronus in Front of the Chicago Bean

Psychoanalyze the bean

Sprinkle Cotija on the Bean.

Replace The Bean with Mr. Bean

Return The Bean & Use The Money For School Funding

Scare the bean's hiccups away

Scream like Goku in front of the Chicago Bean

​Make A Human Barrier In Front Of The Bean To Protect It

Create Bean events in front of the Bean.

Do Nothing in Front of the Bean

Re-Fry The Bean

Trial by Combat at the Bean

Succumb to our collective existential dread outside the bean.

(All event names are sic.)