AUTUMN RENEWAL: When we announced our first couples makeover contest, several enthusiastic pairs responded. We chose Brandi Davis and Neil Meredith, two hard-working South Loop professionals who wanted to look a little less “nerdy” (their word, not ours). Our ace style team gave them a head-to-toe consult and came up with two looks—plus new dos—that show off this couple’s fun-loving side Read more
Eunice Johnson knew how to make an entrance. The wife of Ebony publisher John H. Johnson, Eunice was the first to bring haute couture to the black community—with the Ebony Fashion Fair in the ‘50s and again with Fashion Fair cosmetics in the ‘70s. Johnson was also one of the first black women to visit the couturiers of Paris... Read more
Every fest has its moments, and Lollapalooza 2010 was no exception. This year, we picked the most memorable—including best multi-generational act, greatest dance party of the year, and our favorite show for funky fan watching... Read more