Golden Boy

Larry Yando—a.k.a. Scrooge in the Goodman’s A Christmas Carol—as Everyman? We are so there. And to those who claim he never met a scene he didn’t chew to toothpicks: Bah, humbug! Yando stars in the toe-tapping immigration tale Goldbrick, inspired by the story of the Chicago-by-way-of-Wales musician Jon... Read more
In one of the most stunning developments in the history of rock, longtime fans of the heavy-metal stalwart Metallica are complaining that the group’s recently released album, Death Magnetic, is too loud (read the angry posts at To put the noise level in perspective, we ranked the band’s SPL—or sound pressure level, measured in decibels—against other noisemakers. Read more
The Simpsons' Harry Shearer and his wife bring their holiday sing-along to Chicago Read more
Since the mid-nineties, the neo-burlesque scene has been creeping toward Chicago from the coasts, as performance artists and jaded club kids revive the campy joys of old-fashioned striptease. Meet Michelle “Toots” L'amour, the city's reigning queen of bump-and-grind. Read more