Best THC Gummies in 2022 – Top 7 Weed Gummies & Edibles

For many, consuming cannabinoids through traditional means of oil tinctures, vapes, and smokable flowers can be a challenge. While each method can offer a comprehensive experience, sometimes you just want a quick and easy way to enjoy your favorite cannabinoids. That’s where THC gummies come in. THC gummies are perfect for those who want to … Read more

Best THC Edibles of 2022 – Top 5 THC Infused Products

When it comes to getting the longest-lasting effects of consuming THC, nothing beats edibles. Formulated to be digested and metabolized by the body, edibles are a fantastic way to enjoy THC without having to smoke it. Popular for their delicious flavors, discreet consumption, and range of potencies, edibles infused with THC are an excellent option … Read more

Best Delta 9 Gummies of 2022 – Top 5 Brands For Delta Edibles & More

Desired for their easy access and safety from federal scrutiny, hemp-derived cannabinoids are all the rage these days. While popular cannabinoids such as CBD or delta-8 THC have made their way into countless products, it is delta-9 THC that continues to be the most desired cannabinoid on the market. And while most know this cannabinoid … Read more

Best Delta 8 Flower in 2022 – Top 3 Delta 8 THC Flower Strains & Deals

As an alternative to psychoactive marijuana flowers, many companies have started to produce and sell what is known as “delta-8 flower”. Delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid found in smaller concentrations within the cannabis plant. However, recent advancements in extraction methods have resulted in the creation of products with higher delta-8 THC content. Delta-8 flower provides … Read more

Best Weed Pens of 2022 – Top 5 Brands Tested & Reviewed

The ever-impressive list of cannabis oil products is constantly advancing in quality and ingenuity, with THC oil manufacturers continually innovating to bring us better products. Weed pens with CBD, THC and other hemp cannabinoids are becoming the most popular new product, offering the convenience of portability and discretion along with the potent punch of concentrated … Read more

Best THC Cartridge of 2022 – Top 5 Relaxing & Rechargeable Brands

Prefilled THC vape cartridges are a great way to enjoy your favorite cannabis strains without having to fuss with the messy process of packing a bowl or waiting for cannabis edibles to kick in. With the nearly immediate onset, THC vape cartridges offer fast, discreet, and easy dosing of your favorite strains. Made from several … Read more

5 Best Online Grocery Delivery Services in 2022 – Fast & Convenient with Low Fees

In no small way, shopping for groceries online has moved from being a decadent novelty to an accepted norm. The rapid growth of online grocery delivery is thanks, in part, to the pandemic, but also because many traditional grocers have found it impossible to retain a customer base without offering their wares online. Though the … Read more