Do you really need to read this to be convinced to check out Cindy's (12 S. Michigan Ave., Loop), the new rooftop bar perched on the penthouse of the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel? That picturesque view makes a pretty strong case all on its own, with plum sightlines of the lake, Millennium Park, and some iconic buildings.

But if you do need more than just a backdrop that's begging to be Instagrammed, there are plenty of other enticements. The interior has a midcentury beach house vibe going, with a massive arched glass ceiling that gives you a view to the clouds (great for when there's a storm passing over as there was Saturday evening.) It's been the bar of choice for post-work drinks for a lot of nearby office workers, but it's filled with all types. And we do mean filled–there's often a line to even get into the elevator to take you up to the bar itself.

Here's what else we saw when we stopped in Sunday.