Chicago’s latest beef-and-beer joint, Links Taproom, opened Saturday night in Wicker Park. In what might be the understatement of the as-yet uneventful New Year, owner Michael Quinlan calls the place “a bar for beer nerds.”

We’ll see Quinlan’s “bar for beer nerds” and raise him one “Apple Store of beer bars.” Not only does Links offer more than 70 rotating ales and lagers (36 on-tap, four in casks, and almost three dozen in cans and bombers); they’ve projected that ever-changing menu on two flat-screen TVs, complete with beer style, brewery, serving size, glass type, price, ABV, IBUs, and—hold onto your butts—a live-updating percent-capacity reading for each respective keg.

As if this wasn’t South Bay enough, Quinlan plans to add a few iPads to the mix soon, as well as an interactive web menu with drink reviews imported from Beer Advocate.

And lest we forget the meat: In addition to Links’ glut of craft beers, they offer seven custom sausages from Chicago meat moguls Big Fork Brands, including such monstrosities as the Lover of the Bayou (andouille with crawfish tails), the Mexican Cousin (sweet pork, coleslaw, and jalapeño mustard), and the Elk-Xilla (use your imagination).

Here are some more looks at the new spot.