On a blizzardy Saturday night, Humboldt Park newcomer Sportsman's Club felt like Grandma's place: warm, welcoming, and, well, old. From a reel-to-reel machine playing music, to a laminate bar-top, old chandeliers, and the vague scent Grandma's perfume (the fruit zest and amaro, apparently). But (maybe) unlike Grandma's, the overwhelming vibe was downright conducive to drinking.

We partook in a delicious Sazerac, followed by a shot of Amaro. Managing partner Wade McElroy says the thought process behind offering a digestif is that people will likely be bellying up at Sportsman's post-dinner, and Amaro soothes the stomach before the serious drinking begins. The bar's Amaro is freshly made, blended from a bunch of different liqueurs. Every day, the previous day's batch gets added to the new one.

Despite the Chiberian conditions, the place was packed. In all of our Seen on the Scene barhopping, we've never had so many people tell us how excited they are to welcome a new watering hole to their neighborhood.

It's a spot that anyone—Grandma included—can comfortably tie one on.