Wednesday night is trivia night at The Cove, and the crowd sticks around long after the trivia is over.

It’s a mix of younger University of Chicago students and a wide range of neighborhood regulars (younger and older). During our visit, a birthday party was in charge of the jukebox, playing a selection of the year’s most ubiquitous hits—“Get Lucky,” “Thriftshop,” and “Blurred Lines” were on, along with a mix of a few country classics, which was was kind of odd, but charming.

People were playing darts throughout the night, and most tables were adorned with pitchers of beer—many, many pitchers of beer. The vibe was friendly and relaxed. And, as you would expect in a good college bar, some drunk dancing went down before the night was through.

The Cove, 1750 E. 55th Street, Chicago