You can tell upon entering the second-floor Heavy Feather (2357 N. Milwaukee Ave., Logan Square, 773-799-8504) that it's of the same ilk as its first-floor sibling, Slippery Slope. The Slope's red-lit dance hall craziness gets swapped for amber lights, Fleetwood Mac, and greenery aplenty, but there's still the unifying factor of easy-to-drink beverages (unsurprising, given that this is the latest offering from the team behind Scofflaw) and welcoming environs.

At the Heavy Feather, the inspiration is the 1970s fern bar (there are very strong echoes of the bar they went to in Three's Company), and both the decor (Tiffany-style pendant lamps dangling over booths and lots and lots of wood accents) and the drinks are era-appropriate. You'll probably be surrounded by people chugging the grasshopper shake, which is surprisingly potent for something that's made with ice cream and topped with a flurry of whipped cream. 

Here's what else we saw when we stopped in.