In your average pub, the dart board is traditionally relegated to a dark corner, where tipsy players can safely throw tiny missiles as they please. Not so at Flight Club (111 W. Wacker Dr., the Loop), where the sport is the bar's central attraction. While the first floor hosts its main dining section, the massive upper level shelters 14 dart stations, each complete with comfy seating to accommodate large groups.

These are no ordinary dart boards. Flight Club has designed unique dart-tracking technology, upgrading the game for the 21st century. Each station is covered by a sophisticated multi-camera system that tracks special darts to pinpoint the exact spot they should hit, so players get the satisfaction of throwing sharp steel onto wood but with the ease of tracking and scoring that digital darts provide. In other words, purists enjoy their game and noobs don't have to be discouraged by not knowing how to score Cricket.

This is the first US location of Flight Club, which was first conceived of in London. Like its sister bars, the Chicago space is decorated with carnivalesque fixtures, with wall treatments reminiscent of classic Big Top tents and vintage circus objects hanging alongside sports trophies and medals. The decor is a sharp contrast to the high-tech stations, which are also fitted with touchscreens that let you hail a server to order food and drinks.

Here's what we saw when we stopped by: