Before you roll your eyes—yes, it's yet another bar/arcade hybrid, and in Logan Square to boot—consider that the owner of the Logan Arcade (2410 W. Fullerton Ave., 872-206-2859) is a longtime pinball machine collector and enthusiast who's adamant that the drinks come second to recapturing the joy of the games themselves.

Jim Zespy's line-up of games includes an elusive six-player X-Men cabinet and a Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine signed by the show's cast, along with many old-school machines he's restored to working order on his own and repairs by hand if need be. He's also around to chat about the glory days of arcade gaming. As you play, you can sip one of a selection of craft beers on tap or an assortment of bourbons. 

Here's what we saw while scoping it out Saturday evening.