Opened last August in River North, Leviathan features some fun design elements to be sure. Hints of sea monsters and sailors pervade the State Street space, and the lights—bright, oblong orbs—look a bit like dragons’ eggs.

However, the bar's real draw is its scrumptious cocktails, like “Siren Song” and “Maelstrom.” That's to say nothing of the vessels they're served in: handmade pewter mugs with handles resembling dragons and octopi, as well as horn-style mugs that look like they’re straight out of Viking times. 

With the rest of the city celebrating the Ramblers’ Elite 8 win, the TV-less Leviathan stayed subdued Saturday night. It proved the perfect, serene space to wait out the storm—with a potent cocktail in hand.  

Here’s what we saw when we stopped by: