Would it surprise you to learn that Rockit (22 W. Hubbard St., River North, rockitbarandgrill.com) has been a nightlife mainstay in its nabe for 11 years? That's a pretty respectable residency, and in the hopes of continuing said legacy, the spot recently underwent a serious renovation and overhaul. Now it's back up and running, complete with all marble everything, a crazy-smoky cocktail that gets served in a skull-shaped vessel and costs $45, and this video. In short, things are pretty over-the-top here.

Or at least, they can be. The first floor focuses more on the spot's redone menu and was, when we stopped in, filled with couples having intimate dinners and hanging out at the bar (which has some sections where you can sit on either side.) There was even a family having a get-together with Grandma.

Upstairs is where it gets a little rowdier thanks to a pulsing soundtrack courtesy of a DJ, color-changing LED lights, and tons of pretty people. But, in a surprising feat of engineering, you can't hear the revelry at all from the first floor, and really, there is some very serious revelry happening thanks to some tasty, potent drinks.

Here's what all we saw when we stopped in.