Tippling Hall tries very hard to be something to everyone. The sprawling, chicly appointed bar is newest member of the Mercadito Hospitality family, and it boasts a TGI Friday's-level outsized drink menu—spiked slushes sharing space with craft beers, pickleback shots alongside Bloody Marys. Groups of friends watching the game sit at tables next to boisterous post-work drinkers and couples out on the town.

The whole effect can be dizzying if you're not careful. So let us help—skip the Dickelback (a two-shot combo of whiskey and beef broth that our waitress wisely steered us away from) in favor of a strong mixed drink, such as the Dirty South (a mix of whiskey, apple brandy, and cardamaro black tea) or the Malört-infused Deep Dish Manhattan.

Here's what else we saw when we swung by.