Two decades before the Haymarket Affair, "loafers" practically shut down the city's economy for a week with a vast general strike for the eight-hour day. It failed, but it was the first step in a process that brought us an awareness of the average workday, the Haymarket Riot, and eventually a legal eight-hour day. Read more
April 21, 2012--The Women's Board, in partnership with the Board of Trustees of the Chicago Zoological Society, hosted the 31st annual Whirl at Brookfield Zoo on April 21st. The black-tie fundraiser allowed guests the unique opportunity to get up close and mingle with a variety of amazing creatures, including a flamingo, bald eagle, fennec fox, penguin, llama, red-tailed hawk, lynx, and cheetah from both Brookfield Zoo and Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The $600-per-person gala was chaired by Susan Ahern of Barrington Hills. The event, which was attended by more than 700 guests, grossed approximately $1.3 million to support the animals at Brookfield Zoo as well as the Chicago Zoological Society’s conservation and education programs. Read more
The Sun-Times’ Mark Konkol has a full-page story that reveals Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s expensive taste in jeans. Konkol’s source is Emanuel’s “denim advisor,” David Shelist, owner of The Denim Lounge in Roscoe Village and on Oak Street. After reading the story, I wondered if Rahm might object to being featured in the Sun-Times story buying such pricey jeans... Read more
Don't blame Thibodeau (but maybe blame the NBA, if not for Rose's injury specifically than for a rash of injuries in this compressed season). Thibodeau, the team's secret weapon, still leads an efficient and well-coached group. Read more
After a string of delays, the Matilda and Clutch crew debuted their latest project, a three-room gastropub housed by an historic River West building, earlier this month... Read more
Ever wonder what to do with all of your parking receipts? Chicago magazine's Jeff Ruby commissioned a parking-sticker monster. Read more