On Tuesday, the latest data from the Case Shiller Index showed that among the country’s 20 largest cities, Chicago-area home values for November 2010 took the second-largest fall from the year before. Prices were down 7.6 percent from November 2009; only Atlanta, at 7.9 percent, fell further... Read more
It is a testament to local writer Robert Sharoff that I hardly recognize the city where I was born and raised in his new book... Read more
The European children’s brand Monnalisa (49 E. Oak St.; 312-929-2229, monnalisa.eu) and its sister store L.O.L. Kids (lol-kids.com) recently joined the long list of luxury boutiques on Oak Street... Read more
Weeks ago, when most people thought that the challenge to Rahm Emanuel’s residency status was a lost cause, Northwestern Law Professor Sam Tenenbaum dissented. He reminded me of that today when I called him for his reaction to the Illinois Appeals Court ruling that Rahm is ineligible to run for mayor because he does not meet the residency requirement of having lived in Chicago for a year prior to... Read more
CHICAGOMAG.COM EXCLUSIVE: If Daley were running for mayor this year, what are some issues he would raise? Listen to historical clips and read about the city's problems—then and now. Read more
The longtime Chicago-house DJ and producer—and hometown son—Felix da Housecat (that’s him in the tortoiseshell specs and plaid shirt) stepped up Saturday for his inaugural spin on the decks at The Mid, a new West Loop dance club that opened December 30th in the old Mannequin space... Read more