March 10, 2012--Carson's fashion and shopping event of the season showcased must have trends for spring in their annual runway show. The event took place at the Yorktown location and was emceed by Heiji Choy Black, the new fashion director of Chicago magazine. Read more
It's accepted folk wisdom that lottery winners end up miserable and/or bankrupt. Two Northwestern psychologists found that winning the lottery actually makes you happy and less stressed—but less able to enjoy what you did before, for no net effect on your happiness. One piece of advice: if you win, keep the news to yourself. Read more
The mayor rolls out a comprehensive, $7-billion infrastructure scheme, elements of which you'll recognize. Meanwhile, federal transportation funding of all kinds nearly came to a halt this week, as the political reckoning got pushed back a mere 90 days. Washington's ideological divide is putting immense pressure on cities and states to deal with overdue infrastructure issues. Read more