The ten-bedroom Lake Forest house that Bill Wrigley bought in January 2003 for $9.9 million is on the market, with an asking price of $16 million. The offering is being handled as an “exempt” listing, meaning that it will not appear on any listing service or be publicized in any way. But Deal Estate learned that Lake Forest real-estate agents received guided tours of the candy-colored Italianate mansion and its lakefront grounds on May 19th. The listing agents, Ned Skae and Beth Marquardt of Prudential Preferred Properties, would not speak about... Read more
A riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma, the new West Loop club Theatro Ultra Lounge—originally slated to be called Veil, then just Theatro before owners settled on the current name—opened last Friday in the space formerly known as Reserve. Confused? We were, a little. Early adopters, however, seemed more intrigued than befuddled by the Eyes Wide Shut vibe, not to mention the scantily clad hostesses or the spot’s key feature, a “performance box” that hosted dancers, a contortionist, and a ballerina, among other... Read more
Loan Sharks
Chicago natives Teonna Ingram and Bree Lara understand how difficult it can be to stay fashionable without spending lots of money on designer clothing. Earlier this month, the pair opened BADC (3221 N. Sheffield Ave.; 773-904-8735,, a designer dress–leasing boutique in Lake View. BADC, which stands for Borrow a Dress Couture, carries a range of seasonal designer dresses in sizes 0 to 18 and maternity clothing that women can rent for... Read more
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Some months ago I agreed to put our house on a tour in Oak Park on June 20, called South Oak Park Style: A Tour of Modest Homes. Our home is indeed modest (it’s a 1,700-square-foot Prairie-style bungalow). Worthy of a tour? Don’t ask me. I’m the editor of a design magazine, of all things, so as you might imagine, I’m exposed to tons of gorgeous interiors everyday in my job that I can’t afford and don’t have the time to execute in my own home (I believe you are familiar with the cobbler’s children….) .
    One reason I agreed to the tour is: stagers. That is, People Who Take What You Have and Rearrange it to Look Nice for the Tour. And maybe bring a few accessories/flowers in. And get you to hide things in closets. My stagers, from the firm Kelly + Olive, introduced their low-cost, transparent decorating service to me via e-mail one day and the two seemed perfect for the task. Lauren and Courtney (Lauren is the brunette) are young, enthusiastic, and full of great ideas. On Monday they showed up and started moving everything around. Using what we already have, they rearranged and edited.  I opened beers, and it became a party. When they demanded (OK, suggested) that I trim back an out-of-control hanging plant, I immediately complied. “Look at that! They squealed. You have a dining room!” OK, it’s true that the plant had taken over the space.
    They suggested we move my most treasured painting, by local artist Traci Ostmann-Haschke (see above), to a place of prominence, where guests could see it immediately upon entering. Why didn’t I think of that? They rearranged the living room furniture. We love it. They arranged pottery and a Michael Aram candelabra on the fireplace where it can be seen, diplomatically rejected some items (what fun it is to evaluate all one’s objects objectively!), got tired, and left. They will return. And I’ll blog and post some more photos.

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List Price: $2.15 million
Sold Price: $1.725 million
The Property: This 15-room house in western Lake Forest is an almost-exact duplicate of a house in the nearby Conway Farms subdivision. The primary difference is the high ceilings, says Tracy Wurster, the Prudential Preferred Properties agent who represented the sellers in a deal that closed... Read more