Seasonal Revolution

I just got off the phone with fashion director Stacey Jones, who arrived in Paris today via Milan. I asked her how she thought the season was looking so far.

“Before, I wanted to live in a Michael Kors world, but now, I want to live in a Versace world,” she said…

Week 21: Kicking and Scheming

You always hear about babies being born, or conceived, in the back seat of cars. I believe Tom Waits was both. Babu’s first kick came in the rear of a rental car in a driveway in Warren, Ohio.

It was the night before Brad and Anne-Marie’s wedding and we were locked out of Anne-Marie’s dad’s house, trying desperately to reach him on the cell phone so Anne-Marie could get inside and go to bed, it being the night before her wedding and all. I was equally interested in finding him, because I’d had too much to drink and needed to use his bathroom…

Boobs and Bibi, Why I Heart Paris

Burlesque! Among the five things I heart most about my
sejour in Paris.

1. Le Cheri Bibi (15 Rue Andrew Del Sarte), a stylish
new restaurant in Montmartre, a find that was
completely accidental. To explain: I came to Paris
fully equipped—with three lists of restaurants from reputable sources.
(I don’t enjoy
playing restaurant lottery; I plan where to go.) Still, it was
late the other night, and we were in
Montmartre, the one neighborhood here for which I had no list…

Truth or Dare

Stranger than Fiction
A lot of plays are hyped as “smart”; few live up to the promise. But Fiction—a story that, from a lesser playwright, could have been a sappy Lifetime movie—makes the cut, thanks to Steven Dietz’s witty repartee and highly literate characters. The story follows a pair of married novelists who, when they find out the wife has a few weeks to live, decide to share their diaries and lay bare the secrets of their lives. Previews run Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th at 7:30 p.m., Sunday the 30th…

New on the Market—Roomy Contemporary in Chicago’s Bucktown Neighborhood

List Price: $2.499 million
The Property: This spacious, newly completed four-story home is one of a planned string of five houses and an eight-unit condo building going up on the 1600 block of North Wolcott Street in Bucktown. The first one finished, this house is a joint project of JODI Development and Ranquist Development. The latter, run by the husband-and-wife team of Bob and Karen Ranquist, has been responsible for some of the finest contemporary architecture in this architecturally savvy…

This Week with Spike—Links from the program

Dennis Rodkin appears regularly on WGN’s Spike O’Dell Radio Program to discuss properties not mentioned in the Deal Estate blog. Check back here each week to find links to those listings. From the 9/26/07 show: Near West Side/UIC area ($295,000) Flossmoor ($299,000) Forest Park ($299,000) From the 9/20/07 show: Plainfield ($234,900) Elk Grove Village ($229,999)

Lettuce Serve You Pizza

Cool Mo.Di
The bar at Osteria Via Stato (620 N. State St.; 312-642-8450) is going bye-bye this fall, and in its place will be the Roman-style Pizzeria Mo.Di, outfitted with a gas oven. “I didn’t want to do what everybody else was doing,” says Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises chairman Richard Melman. “We don’t have to use wood to make great pizza. You need temperature.” Mo.Di’s recipe is based on a pizza in Rome that his team fell in love with a few years back, which he describes as “traditional, crustier than Neapolitan, yet light. Some of the pizzas will sport tomato sauce, others even more traditional San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. It’s what I love in pizza…

Daley, Velib, and Me

Apparently, we arrived in Paris on the heels of one Mayor Daley, who was in the City of Lights checking out Velib a couple of weeks ago.

What is Velib? One of the coolest and most frustrating things that I have come across in some time…