"I love when stores need to clear space in their showroom—it usually means great markdowns on floor samples. And that’s exactly what’s happening at Green Home Chicago (213 N. Morgan Street, #1D; 312-432-9400)." Read more
With the polls showing Barack Obama on track to victory, the burden falls on Mitt Romney to derail the president’s train, starting with the first debate at the University of Denver on Wednesday night. University of Chicago professor Charles Lipson, who is voting for Romney, told me that the candidate is finished if he doesn’t win the first debate... Read more
"If you didn’t notice from our feverish tweeting or from our blog post last week, the annual Design Harvest took place this past weekend. From scoping out new designs to sipping on freshly brewed coffee while walking down Grand Avenue, we thoroughly enjoyed this year’s fall festival. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite finds." Read more