Where Are Your Favorite Pizzas in Chicago?

Chicago’s dining critics scoured the city to select the 38 restaurants that deserved mention in “Chicago’s Best Pizza.” Now they'd like to know what you think. Use the form below to tell them your three favorite pizzas in the Chicago area. Either pluck them from Chicago's list or write in your own. Check the December issue to see the results—and use … Read more

Pizza East

The crust: a just-thick-enough center and a puffy outer rim dotted with char. The toppings: bright, fresh veggies and food-porn-worthy meats. Like the people who come here, these pies could win a beauty pageant. (Soho House is a private club, but Pizza East is open to the public.) 113–125 N. Green St., 312-521-8000


Pizano’s astonishing crust is both hearty and delicate, best with nothing but the proprietary mix of mozzarella and Parmesan. The State Street flagship oozes neighborhood charm. pizanoschicago.com

Bar Siena

Near the epicenter of the Randolph Street dining scene, Bar Siena goes the extra mile with this pie, strewing it with arugula, spicy pistachios, melted Taleggio, and a drizzle of honey. 832 W. Randolph St., 312-492-7775

Home Run Inn

The aggressively garlicky butter crust makes every bite decadent, even with benign acidic tomatoes—straight from some mythical vine in Modesto, California—and tart spinach melding into a lightly browned mozzarella landscape. homeruninnpizza.com

Nueva Italy Pizzeria

Manuel Montes piles fresh ingredients on butter-brushed crusts. The fun starts when you discover that the green peppers are actually chili peppers. And, good to know: Nueva is BYO if you choose to eat in at one of its three tables. 7109 N. Clark St., 773-681-0689

Osteria La Madia

The dependable lunch-meeting spot has recently gone through a trendy reinvention, but the pizzas remain appealing. Think of this pie as the seductive and sophisticated older cousin of the pineapple-topped Hawaiian. 59 W. Grand Ave., 312-329-0400


The malt-infused dough gets tossed by hand, cooked till crackery, cut into strips with scissors, and finished with unorthodox ingredients. It’s stellar pizza, Quad Cities–style. 1924 W. Chicago Ave., 773-645-4949