Six Things to Plant in the Ideal Starter Garden

Illustrations: Vidhya Nagarajan These six edible plants are just right for beginners who have outdoor space, whether a backyard, a community garden plot, a deck, or even a fire escape. The only place you don’t want to plant is directly in the ground—Chicago’s soil tends to be too toxic and compacted to yield safely edible … Read more

How to Grow a Vegetable Garden on Your Windowsill

Photo: Jason Little; Styling: Sage Reed; Plants: Courtesy of Windy City Greens No outdoor space? No problem. There’s a huge range of herbs and vegetables that thrive on a sill. Choose a south-facing window if you can, ideally one that gets at least six hours of sunlight in the summer. Use potting soil, not gardening … Read more

A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Chickens

Community organizer Kelli Wefenstette, 33, and her husband have been raising hens in their Portage Park backyard for seven years. The birds do a lot more than lay eggs, she says. “They’ll chase after things, they’ll jump off the ground, they’ll kind of do tricks for you. They’re freaking hilarious.” They’ve also endeared themselves to … Read more