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The newest icon in the brand’s portfolio launches February 21

The smooth new mezcal from Clase Azul México is rooted in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí


Much like the United States, Mexico is made up of 31 different states plus a capital city. Similarly, each Mexican state boasts its own distinct personality, with different topography, history, culture and traditions influencing the energy and atmosphere of a specific area.

Clase Azul México draws inspiration from these unique states, and for its third mezcal — launching February 21 — the brand turned to San Luis Potosí. Situated northwest of Mexico City, the historic, UNESCO-certified San Luis Potosí is more than just charming churches, colonial architecture, old mines and artisan products. The state boasts a rich mezcal tradition, thanks to native agave and a special distillation process — plus the essential wisdom that has been passed down for more than two centuries.

“This mezcal is deeply rooted in the history and landscape of its place of origin,” says Clase Azul Master Distiller Viridiana Tinoco.
To create Clase Azul Mezcal San Luis Potosí, Tinoco and her team turned to Estación Ipiña, a small community of 250 people, where nearly one-fifth of the population is involved in making mezcal. The spirit uses green agave, which is grown 6,500 feet above sea level on the area’s semi-desert slopes. The agave is cooked with steam in a vaulted stone oven, milled in a Chilean mill and double-distilled in copper stills — a process that has stood the test of time. “The generational wisdom is safeguarded by the mezcal-producing community of the area, creating a distinctive spirit,” says Tinoco.

The result is a smooth mezcal that features aromas of caramel, green chile, sweet fruit, grass and wildflowers, followed by flavors of caramel, lime and clove with a mineral aftertaste. “It’s aroma and flavor are the direct result of traditional craftsmanship, and it captures the essence of the green agave, which is native to this unique area,” says Tinoco.

But the commitment to San Luis Potosí doesn’t stop there. Clase Azul bottles the mezcal in a red decanter to pay homage to the Huachichil, the area’s indigenous nomads, who would adorn themselves with red dye to emulate the plumage of the finch, the guardian of their tribe. The finch also appears on the bottle’s base alongside carvings of plains, mountains and green agave plants. Finally, the bottle is finished with a handmade cap that represents the red finch and the dreamy landscape where the Huachichil people used to wander.

San Luis Potosí mezcal is the third mezcal for Clase Azul, joining Durango and Guerrero — also inspired by their Mexican namesake states — in the brand’s luxury spirits portfolio.

Pour a glass of mezcal and experience the vast beauty of the various states of Mexico — no passport required.

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