Fleet Feet Chicago

Six Women Lead the Chicago Running Pack

From left: Kristin Phillips, Angela Swain, Ana Arias, Lisa Zimmer, Kim Heather and Jamie Hershfang. Photograh: Christian Rasmussen

The owner and five store managers, different running experiences. One “heart pumping” bursting common thread, a deep passion for running. Fleet Feet has gone the distance to empower women, founded in 1976 by two powerful women, Sally Edwards and Elizabeth Jansen, to 1996 with Chicago owner Lisa Zimmer to now with these influential leaders throughout Fleet Feet Chicagoland. Whether you are completing your 100th marathon or just stepping out the door for your first run, these leaders have the knowledge, joy and experience to get you to the starting line of your next goal. This group is leading the pack and pushing the pace in a traditionally male dominated running industry. It’s all part of reaching the top of the hill and propelling the industry forward. 

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