Alliance for the Great Lakes

The fresh, clean, and natural waters of the Great Lakes are our region’s most precious resource. The lakes provide drinking water to over 40 million people. They are at the heart of the Midwest’s economy, supporting about 51 million jobs. And they are our source of inspiration and fun with family and friends.

At the Alliance for the Great Lakes, we connect and empower people to advocate, give back, and take action to protect the lakes. We’re a trusted, nonpartisan leader advocating for fact-based policy solutions at regional and local levels.

And with tens of thousands of supporters around the Great Lakes, we believe that people have the power to protect the lakes and we provide opportunities to create change.

Everyone should have the opportunity to access and enjoy safe and clean water. But the threats of climate change, invasive species, and pollution pose serious challenges to the Great Lakes and our way of life. We have so much work to do before our water is safe, clean, and accessible to everyone around the Great Lakes region. This work is only possible when we come together.

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