United Way of Metro Chicago

Uniting for the Holidays to help our neighbors meet their basic needs.

United Way launched Uniting for the Holidays in 2020 to provide our neighbors in need with food, PPE, toys, and more to help meet their basic needs and brighten the holiday season. In 2021, we will expand our reach to serve 10 suburban communities. Meeting our neighbors’ most basic needs, such as food security, is a key part of United Way’s approach to building a stronger, more equitable region and your generous support will ensure thousands of families receive a meal and gifts that will brighten their holiday.

Advancing the Chicago Region Through Strong and Equitable Neighborhoods

The Chicago region faced unprecedented health, economic and social justice crises over the past year and a half. Centuries of systemic racism and disinvestment created inequalities across our region that were amplified by COVID-19. But when faced with so much uncertainty, our community came together to support their neighbors in need.

With the help of thousands of donors, the Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund raised $35 million and distributed 100% to more than 400 local agencies who ensured families could access food, stay in their homes, and receive critical health services. While the pandemic is not over and there is still much work to be done, at United Way, we are optimistic for the future.

We believe in a dual approach strategy that (1) helps our neighbors meet their basic needs such as food and shelter and (2) helps our neighborhoods become stronger and more equitable. Today, we support 132 nonprofits around the Chicago region and work with more than 200 partners in 10 Neighborhood Networks in predominantly Black and Latinx neighborhoods across the city and suburbs. Now, we need your help.

YOU can help our neighbors meet their basic needs and make a difference this holiday season! Join us at LIVEUNITEDchicago.org/uniting-holidays.