Neena Vlamis

A and N Mortgage Services, Inc.

2022 marks 20 successful years in the competitive mortgage industry for Neena Vlamis, Owner and CEO of A and N Mortgage Services. Being a female leader in the mortgage industry has taught Neena several valuable insights. Neena says, “Up until 1975, a woman couldn’t even sign a lease on a car or get a credit card without a male co-signer.” And here she is, with a billion-dollar book of business and a successful mortgage company across thirteen states and growing.

Neena is effervescent and does not dwell on negativity. She says that part of being a successful female business owner is setting yourself up to succeed. She believes that a negative mind will not give you a positive life, so she moves forward when encountering sexism or racism, blatant or microaggressions. “You figure it out. You face a challenge head-on and always come out stronger for it.”

Neena believes that leadership doesn’t stop with her, and she wants to continue to foster more leaders within A and N. A and N works with the motto, ‘With our loans, you’re not alone,’ and the company’s employees take this to heart. A and N is not a company looking to make deals; rather, they are working to build relationships. The company has a fantastic culture and employee camaraderie where everyone is encouraged to contribute, grow, and strengthen their skill sets.

Neena aims to expand A and N’s reach by increasing the company’s state licensing and recruitment practices. Neena adds that the company collaborates with other industry leaders on exciting outreach programs. She said she has loved every minute of the last 20 years and is looking forward to the next! 

1945 N. Elston Ave.
Chicago, IL 60642