Paris Fashion Week Roundup II: Chanel, YSL, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, and Dries Van Noten
Fashion Week
Karl Lagerfeld makes hay with a show inspired by Marie-Antoinette’s Hameau (the pastoral retreat where she used to take her lovers), and Alexander McQueen offers a cerebral take on evolution, playing with alien, insect, and sea creature themes…. Plus the most bizarre shoes I’ve ever seen... Read more
Paris Fashion Week ended last Thursday, which means that Chicago retailers from boutiques like Ikram, Blake, and Chalk are on buying appointments placing orders; our Fashion Director Stacey Jones is planning her upcoming shoots; and I’m here with a roundup of the show highlights. Overall, the recession was palpable in what was a safer and very chic season. There are still terrifying shoes on... Read more
Well, sports fans, we have made it to the end of something exhilarating, maddening, frivolous, and momentous: another fashion month has ended! I plan on taking a restorative weekend in which I will stay far away from high heels, but I’ll be back here next week with input from... Read more
Fashion Week involves much back and forth across the city, and when shows aren’t held at the Louvre or Tuileries (blessedly uncomplicated central locations), it means more planning. But sometimes the distant venues are so gorgeous you forget the extra time it took to get there... Read more
It seems black is the reliable bet during this economic crunch. Why should designers pretend it’s not what women go for most of the time? But this is still Paris Fashion Week—we want a little drama, right? Well, the Chanel show yesterday provided a good mixture: a little theatricality with a lot of practicality... Read more