The Ogden: Tip-off Time at the United Center’s New Sports Bar Neighbor
The Chaser
Blackhawks fans walking from their parking spots to the United Center for last night’s game peered with interest into the windows of The Ogden (1659 W. Ogden Ave.), a new upscale sports bar and restaurant that is currently in soft-open mode... Read more
Holidays wipe out your bank account? Tired of dropping $20 (not including tax and tip) for only two drinks? Option one: Cut your losses and move to a dry county. Option two: cheap beer, or “old man cans,” as some bars like to call them... Read more
Some people treat New Year’s Eve as the party of parties, a no-brainer occasion for a blowout night on the town. (If that’s you, skip to the end of this post.) Other people, like me, prefer to bypass the cab wars and ring in the year with friends at a house party... Read more
About a week ago, I received a cryptic email that said there “may or may not” be a new bar opening near the corner of Sheffield and Belmont in January. Huh? The message continued, “There definitely won’t be prohibition-era slot machines, décor, music, and cocktails...” Read more
On Friday, the old Charlie’s on Webster will make its debut as Derby, a new bar that endorses three of my favorite things in life: horse racing, bourbon, and Kentucky. Derby is another project from the folks at Big Onion Tavern Group (404 Wine Bar Co., Jack’s Bar and Grill, the Irish Oak), and word has it that a couple of the silent investors have a special affinity for the South... Read more