List Price: $685,500
The Property:
This house tells two stories. Its charming 19th-century facade harks back to an era when the little South Side lakefront neighborhood known as Oakland was a fashionable suburban area. Its completely and tastefully rebuilt interior speaks to what’s happening in the 21st century in the larger neighborhood it’s part of: Bronzeville.

In between was the 20th century, when the CHA’s Ida B. Wells homes, the infamous El Rukn gang and other problems defined the neighborhood. Survivors of that cloudy period include this house and its attached partner next door—where the Jewish reformer Hannah Greenebaum Solomon lived in the 1890s.

They’re now surrounded by widespread signs of revival, including not only numerous new-construction homes but the wonderful Mandrake Park, the stunning new 31st Street Harbor, and the vastly improved South Side lakefront, which is two blocks east of the homes. Last month, the city announced plans for a new arts and recreation center about six blocks north of the homes.

Both homes were foreclosures in recent years. Now a project team led by Re/Max agent Hasani Steele has fitted out this home for contemporary tastes and is working on the Solomon house next door. Later, they plan to do a third historical home on the block, which was also a recent foreclosure.

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