List Price: $3.68 million together, or:
26th floor: $2.699 million
27th floor: $1.2 million
The Property:
Even on a day when the temperature is stuck below freezing, you can look out from a condo near the top of the historic Metropolitan Tower building at drop-dead gorgeous views of the architecture, parks and lakefront that make this city sizzle. And then you can go one flight up, to the condo’s second floor, and see it all again.

Or if you’re not feeling greedy, buy just one of the two floors and give somebody else a shot at the other.

The 26th and 27th floors of the grand old tower, which debuted in 1924 as the Straus Building, are available together or separately. Michael Polsky, the head of a wind energy firm called Invenergy, bought the floors unfinished in 2008 when a developer was converting the building to condos. Cook County Recorder of Deeds documents show that he paid $2,342,500 for the combined 7,600 square feet of space.

Polsky later bought the former Gold Coast home of Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon for $6.95 million and put his Metropolitan Tower space on the market. It’s been on and off the market a few times, but is now back on, listed with Lissa Weinstein of Re/Max Premier Properties.

“You’re in the heart of cultural Chicago and you can see for miles,” Weinstein said as we walked through the property. “There’s nothing else you need.”

Click through the photo tour to see the views and the property they come with.