Start chipping the ice off your bicycle now, because on March 6, Under Armour will open up their largest brand house yet on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Ohio Street. This flagship store, called the Under Armour Brand House, uses a concept that’s been successfully executed in a handful of locations around the country already: an intensely immersive experience with enough high-tech athletic resources to send the most jaded cross-country runner into a tailspin of delight.

Take, for instance, the “dedicated youth zone,” where young athletes can tumble around on custom turf decorated with the Chicago flag, or the “optojump experience” that lets older athletes test their “readiness” (for the apocalypse, we presume?). You’ll find the first ever wearables bar, where customers can check out a selection of the best wearable fitness devices, all guaranteed to be as cool as a dry martini. The store will also be the first Brand House to offer specialized shops for UA Hunt and UA Fish, the specialized apparel lines for those who like to get their kicks in the wild.

Under Armour has deep connections to Chicago already—they’ve been the official outfitter of Northwestern University Athletics since 2011, dressing all NU men’s and women’s varsity teams, as well as a partner of the Chicago Cubs organization since 2007. To honor these roots, the new location will feature a massive “living wall,” inspired by the ivy of Wrigley Field. Additionally, the store will sell graphic tees with designs inspired by the Windy City as well as products emblazoned with the logos of the Cubs, the Sox, Northwestern, and Notre Dame.

Stop by this veritable athlete’s playground at 10 a.m. on March 6, when the Brand House doors swing open at 600 North Michigan Avenue.