Certain trends are as cyclical as the seasons, like florals for spring, whites for summer, and buying a one-way ticket to the south of France when winter hits. But others, like the idea of modernized gingham, still have the power to make fashion feel new again. Brooke Jaffe, Bloomingdale's Fashion Director for Women's Ready-to-Wear, works in the department store's New York office, which sets the trends for Bloomingdale's stores all over the country. Here, she tells Chicagoans what six trends she's spotted coming down the pipelines this spring.

1970s Nostalgia

“The spring 2015 season is heavily influenced by the ’70s. The mood is happy and conveys a feeling of nostalgia for the fashionable decade.” We agree with this one. See our recent Style Revival story, featuring 14 awesomely retro looks for this spring.

Photo: Courtesy of Bloomingdale’s

Wide-Leg Denim

“This newfound spirit brings some of our old favorites back to fashion, including bohemian blouses and wide leg denim. I'm especially excited about Bloomingdale's take on the wide leg denim trend with our 100% Bloomingdale's collections that feature pieces exclusive to us designed by some of our favorite designers. We have an amazing range of blue hues from brands like AG, J Brand, and Paige—we even have a pair of white flares from Hudson. I think Chicago is the perfect city for denim because of the idea of wear now, wear later.”

The Equipment for 100% Bloomingdale's Linear Patchwork Michaela Shirt Dress, $268. Photo: Courtesy of Bloomingdale’s

Practical Shirt-Dresses

“The Chicago market tends to be fairly conservative, so we love to offer practical pieces that work year-round, like shirt-dresses, which keep you covered but are still fun and trendy—this is my must-have dress for the season! My favorite version is a 100% Bloomingdale’s exclusive from Equipment in a patchwork print.”

New Blouse Silhouettes

“Tops and blouses are given a fresh look this season with new silhouettes from the deep V, to halter necks, to off the shoulder looks. Similar to New Yorkers, Chicagoans are always on-the-go and really appreciate multipurpose pieces, so we expect the shirting trend to be popular in Chicago—it's easy to untuck your shirt or cuff your sleeves, and it completely changes the look. These silhouettes also add a sexy touch when paired with the fluid, easy layers seen in pants and skirts this season. Layers are especially great in a place like Chicago, where the weather can change so drastically throughout the day.”

The Splendid for 100% Bloomingdale's Gingham Shirt Dress, $158. Photo: Courtesy of Bloomingdale’s

Graphic Gingham

“Prints have a powerful presence in spring. One of my favorites is modern gingham, which has a bold and graphic feel that gives dresses and shirting a fresh look.”

The Clover Canyon for 100% Bloomingdale's Botanical Print Dress with Cutout, $282. Photo: Courtesy of Bloomingdale’s

Botanical Prints

“Color is also back in a big way this season and I’m excited to see all of my favorite primary colors pop back onto the scene. I’m also loving the emergence of botanical prints, which add a fun and tropical flare. I love the idea of Chicagoans using prints and colors to add a pop of excitement to their wardrobe on dreary days.”