Where can you find a marching band, writhing pole dancers in hooded full-body unitards with spikes protruding from their limbs, free-flowing champagne, leggy supermodels nibbling clouds of cotton candy, and a guest list that includes mayor Rahm Emanuel, George Lucas and Mellody Hobson, Mickey Boardman (the Truman Capote-esque editorial and advice columnist for Paper magazine), and a who’s who of international designers and financial high rollers? Then, imagine it all sprinkled with haute couture glitterati under a huge tent with a glowing ceiling of inflatable red octopus tendrils, and, of course, a hostess in customized Maison Margiela, getting down on a stage for about four hours straight. It's nowhere but the 15th annual anniversary celebration of famed boutique owner Ikram Goldman, one of the city’s—nay, the country’s—hottest fashion parties of the year. Ikram (like Oprah, like Cher, she catwalks the realm of the single-named), for the uninitiated, owns the eponymous ultra modern red fashion boutique, café, and gallery, on Huron in the heart of the Gold Coast, and is considered one of the most powerful players in the international fashion world.