Trough Sinks in the Bathroom

A great alternative to double sinks…


Lately, I’ve been seeing trough sinks pop up in bathrooms and I love the look so much I’m considering installing one in my own. It’s a great alternative to double sinks. This one from the Vero line by Duravit is a beauty (available through Hydrology and Community Home Supply). Ikea carries one, too—the Braviken. The question has been raised in my household about how feasible it is for two people to use one at once, but I say, who cares when it looks so good?


3 years ago
Posted by A_from_IsItAHouseYet

Yes! This is the solution to the master bath we're in the middle of remodeling in our NW side bungalow. Small space, but we can still fit in 2 faucets. Will we step on each other's feet? It's very likely. But pretty trumps annoyance. I'll brush my teeth standing in the tub.

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