Makers’ Mark

Just when we think the pool of furniture makers and designers in Chicago couldn’t expand any further, we discover more talent in our midst. These three designers, who work with everything from metal to wood to plastic, are about to make their mark with designs that stand out from the rest.

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Dreeben Michael Dreeben
Back story: Dreeben got an MFA in sculpture at the University of Chicago, apprenticed with a Chicago cabinetmaker, and was later awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study traditional woodworking in India. He has sold pieces to Crate & Barrel and Room & Board. fascinated by: “The chair-it has such rigid parameters; it has to be a certain height and hit your back at a certain place,” he says. Inspiration: Hans J. Wegner and the Shakers. His work: Everything from walnut and teak tables to cherry cabinets and milled aluminum chairs with plastic or leather seats.  Billet chaise with Amish brown leather seat, price available upon request; Available at