The Capital Song

Learn your state capitals, punk-rock style.

The embarrassing results of the Capital Showdown



5 years ago
Posted by denisep

I can't believe you gave it up with Chianti. Such a rookie mistake. Also, you must know that the Arkansas slip cuts deep.

5 years ago
Posted by JulieJR

Nice job! I will definitely remember that Indianapolis and Anapolis are crapolis. :)

5 years ago
Posted by bstrauss

you should have used skittles

5 years ago
Posted by KEH

Since when is Texas a blue state?

5 years ago
Posted by Nick Charalambous

Jeff: Love it bro. Never heard the capital song before. The vid did it more justice than it deserved ;)

5 years ago
Posted by spareme

South Dakota's capital is pronounced "Peer", as in "I peer into the darkness" or "peer pressure". It is not pronounced "Pee-yair".

5 years ago
Posted by ckofchgo

Very cool. That is how to lose a bet with class! So the capital of South Dakota, although spelled Pierre, is pronounced like the work "pier" by locals and people in the know! Inquiring minds want to know. Or not.

5 years ago
Posted by Coupy

Did anyone else notice that North Carolina (right at the beginning) was the appropriate shape, then somehow "morphed" into Virginia for about half of the song before someone noticed and the next frame showed it as NC for the rest?

5 years ago
Posted by Bethany M.

This is absolutely fantastic...and accurate, too! I love the creativity behind this.

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