An Annotated Dish from Grant Achatz’s Upcoming Restaurant, Next

Take a peek at Chef David Beran’s work-in-progress hors d’oeuvres selection

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Hors d'oueuvres at Next: Salmon



The little boat is by-the-book pâte brisée filled with smoked-salmon mousse, slicked with salmon aspic, and garnished with a radish leaf, a cone fashioned from a rolled radish slice, chervil, and lemon segment and zest.


3 years ago
Posted by MsMsChicago

Isn't the address of Next 453 W. Fulton, not 435?

3 years ago
Posted by J.T.

Whoa; thanks for catching that. Address fixed -- 953 W. Fulton, not 935 W. Fulton.

3 years ago
Posted by JDemoga

Mornay sauce is not a bearnaise sauce but rather a bechamel. Bearnaise sauce is in fact a variation of a hollandaise sauce.

3 years ago
Posted by J.T.

Good grief! Thanks, Jdemoga. Fixed.

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