West Lyndale Condos Get Renovation, Price Cut

GUT FEELING: Developer overhauls building but retains vintage features

Logan Square condos with vintage features

FROM $189,000
TO $339,000

In Logan Square, at 3550 West Lyndale Street, BPL Construction has installed seven condos inside a classic 1920s sand-colored apartment building. Fortunately, the company’s renovation didn’t mess with two of the building’s vintage features. BPL left the large south-facing sunrooms intact (rather than incorporating them into the living rooms, as some other developers do), and the old rear balconies—now part of the overhauled back stairs—are spacious and semiprivate.

The developer did gut the interior of the building and installed all new electrical, plumbing, and heating systems, as well as new dry wall. The bathrooms are fitted out with porcelain tile and marble, and each master bath includes a two-person shower. Parking, which costs $10,000 a space, is outdoors in a gated lot behind the building.

The condos went on the market in March. Two of the units have already been sold, and prices have been cut by $20,000 on three of the remaining five. The smallest is a 1,270-square-foot garden-level unit with two bedrooms and two-plus baths that is priced at $189,000. The largest—a four-bedroom 2,100-square-foot duplex on the garden level and the first floor—carries a $339,000 price tag. At presstime, BPL was offering financing terms that allowed for low down payments. Tim Vaughn of Keller Williams Realty is handling sales.


Photograph: Dennis Rodkin



4 years ago
Posted by AvoidBPLConstruction

If you buy into a BPL Construction building, you will be sorry. Quite possibly to the tune of $500,000 as I am. Shoddy work is an understatement. Find out if the work they did was insured...if they used fly-by-night construction firms to do renovations and work. If I can stop just one person from falling prey to any of the Dukach's or BPL Construction, it would be worth it. I would rather live in a box than hand money over to anyone associated with BPL Construction!

3 years ago
Posted by Dont-Buy-From-Dukach

Many home buyers are naive thinking a new construction home, is great. You are so wrong, the bottom line is the BPL Construction is only it to save and make money. One little thing you need to know, everything was built using the cheapest workers, cheapest products and cheapest materials possible. In the end you pay for what you get! A cheap, Home with a huge headache.

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