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1 year ago
Posted by Hiker's Friend

Thank you for your thorough article. I don't know what inspired it's creation, but as a former classmate of David's, I appreciate your filling-out the picture of the aftermath since his tragic disappearance.

In college I knew David to be a loyal, thoughtful, dedicated individual with staunch ideals, widespread compassion, and a sincere interest in people. He told me that he took up psychology later because he believed it would be a way to, in his words, "do good for people."

I fear that the world has lost a very special soul and generous member of society to a few missteps or lapses of judgement.

I must point out, however, that your dubbing him a "mama's boy" for having delivered a routine phone call to his mother upon her request is highly insensitive. What responsible adult wouldn't honor a simple request from a parent? Better you should know people before ascribing your sweeping judgements.

As someone who has also trekked less-developed countries alone for months on end, I find the events of David's life to be a harrowing reminder of the inevitable dangers of traveling solo, and will certainly plan my next journey consciously.

My heart goes out to his parents, who will clearly suffer the pains of the unknown for a long time to come. May they be comforted by his memory.

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