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Chef Ryan McCaskey, Jamaica Jamaica, Eve, and Farmerie 58

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Ryan McCaskey
In May 2008 Kevin Shikami had an epiphany: He didn’t want to be a chef anymore. Not at Shikago; not anywhere. Last we heard, he was traipsing around Vietnam with the missus. Usually when a talented, high-profile chef jumps ship, it’s the beginning of the end for a restaurant—but in this case, Shikago’s owner and Kevin’s brother, Alan Shikami, had his own epiphany. With his brother’s approval, he brought in Ryan McCaskey (Vivere, Rushmore), who changed the Pan-Asian menu to contemporary American and began serving terrific dishes such as Pacific wild salmon with cauliflower purée and Israeli couscous. The future looks bright, and a new name is in the works. Thank God. 190 S. LaSalle St.; 312-781-7300. –Penny Pollack


Photography: Kendall Karmanian



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