40 Reasons to Love Chicago

Because Chicago fans wear their colors into battle, and once in a while their devotion gets its due

Blackhawks fans at victory parade



Our coverage of the Blackhawks’ victory parade and rally in June 2010

At the June 11, 2010, parade celebrating the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup win: (front row, left to right) Michael Jacobson, 18; Wes Zielinski, 22; Brett Jensen, 19; Nixon Flores, 18; (middle) Joseph Flores, 18; (back) Jeremy Bagwell, 18; James Crue, 19. PLUS: Send your shots of Chicago fandemonium to photos@chicagomag.com, with “2010 sports fans” in the subject line. We’ll post the best pictures here on Chicagomag.com.


Photograph: Sergio Silva

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