Penny Pollack’s Favorite Cookbooks of 2010

FEAST ON THIS: Our annual roundup of the year’s most desirable cookbooks, perfect gifts for the foodie in your family

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Steak with Friends

Steak with Friends
by Rick Tramonto, $35
OK, guys, this one’s for you. While waiting to get back to your grill, you can ale-braise mussels, stuff hunky artichokes with lemon-garlic bread crumbs, and knock the socks off your football friends with homemade Italian beef sandwiches. And if you read the “Steak on a Plate” chapter now, when summer comes, you steak know-it-alls will, in fact, know it all. (Hint: Read the whole chapter, and you will score some nifty rubs and sexy toppings, too.)



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