Chicagoans of the Year 2012 Luncheon

December 11, 2012–For the 19th consecutive year Chicago magazine honored its Chicagoans of the Year, six individuals who have made amazing things happen in the city this year. The magazine celebrated their achievements at its annual Chicagoans of the Year Luncheon at The Peninsula Chicago, sponsored by Spex and emceed by CBS 2 News anchor Bill Kurtis.

Photos by Chris Guillen

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2 years ago
Posted by thymes

I am curious as to what qualifies you to be a celebrated Chicagoan? I see at least one celebrated individual who has moved here recently, approximately 3 yrs. I know people who have lived here
all their lives and given their talent and time to the Chicago community and not been recognized.
I just don't know if the people who have only lived here for a brief period of time should be celebrated as a Chicago Talent, Just something to think about, because I assure you we who have lived here and stayed here as our home base think about this when people who slide in receive great honors.

12 months ago
Posted by HelpKids

I am very impressed by what Donnita Travis has done for the children in the Chicago Community. For anyone who challenges her for not being born in Chicago needs to ask themselves "What have I done for my community?"
Ms. Travis is and always has been a loving, selfless, Christian woman. Those of us in her childhood home town are so proud of her and her accomplishments. God blessed Chicago with this caring lady.

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